- We believe that the simplest ideas often are the truest ones.
- Our ideas are always armed with the most accurate data and paved with creativity.
- We hardly find a distinction between creativity and rewarding one’s self.
- We redefine risks by making them backfire.

Projects & Brands

IDEATICK is an integrated services agency aiming at emerging with the strongest ideas and solutions in a holistic fashion empowered by the most experienced team available in the community.


a global symbol of enduring LOVE wonderful FOOD
and good MEDICINE.

Rastababa Balsamic Vinegar, made with natural roses Türkiye - ISPARTA. Produced by conventional and natural fermentation. For this reason, it is possible to form a transparent plate called "main" on the surface of the vinegar, residue or discoloration. as long as the air is taken after the lid is opened. These are not signs of deterioration and vinegar can be used after filtering. This shows that the fermentation continues and pasteurization or filtration were not carried out. Vinegar is an indefinite product.

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